Born in Rio de Janeiro, Regina Célia Pinto is a researcher, visual artist and teacher.

She earned a teaching certificate in Drawing and Art at the Escola de Belas Artes of the Universidade Federal in Rio de Janeiro, 1974 - 1977. She has a Master's degree in Art History, specializing in the Anthropology of Art / EBA, UFRJ, 1994. Her Master's thesis is titled: "Four views in search of a reader, important women, art and identity," 1994, EBA, UFRJ.

She has written a variety of academic works, including published scientific essays.
As a visual artist, she has participated in several exhibitions and curated several.

2005 > she was nominated (second place) for the Leonardo - Global Crossings Prize (http://mitpress2.mit.edu/e-journals/Leonardo/isast/awards2005GX_nominees.html).

2006 > Leonardo Global Crossing Awards Gallery

Email: reginapinto@arteonline.arq.br


Her interest in web.art started in 1997. She created and publishes arteonline.arq.br which, since July 2001, is called The Museum of the Essential and Beyond That. She believes that one of the good characteristics of globalization is it allows the exchange of national and international artistic experiences.

2001 - Creation of the "Library of Marvels" - "work in progress" and colection of electronic interactive ebooks. Content of the library:

" The Black and the White, Reflections on fog (2001).
Review by Jorge Luiz Antonio (Brazilian, poet, writer, researcher, and teacher)


" Book of Sand (2001).


" The psychiatrist the net.art / web.art and other stories (2002).


" The Newest Song of Exile : Sabiá Virtuality (2003).


* Viewing Axolotls (2004)


Todos os livros em:" http://arteonline.arq.br/library.htm

" http://www.netzwissenschaft.de/kuenst.htm
" http://electrokin.com/zabriskie_point/netart.htm
" http://web.pdx.edu/~pdx00282/cew/cew.htm
e em: http://www.artcogitans.com

2002 - Creation of http://arteonline.arq.br where is placed the Museum of the Essential and Beyond That.

What is the Museum of the Essential and Beyond That?

This project consists of the creation of virtual architectures: a museum with its libraries and galleries that have no brick-and-mortar counterparts. It is common for real museums and libraries to have websites, but the process underway in our "museum" is rather uncommon. A museum that does not exist in the real world, and whose architecture and collections are formed by a string of digits: 01010101. Is it just an electronic clearinghouse for bits and bytes? justifying the beyond that in its name, is fast becoming a cultural center where a mouse click offers both a museum and a place for creation and communication where the visual arts are joined by music, filmmaking (animation), poetry, books and audiovisual research. "This characteristic is related to the aim of modern-day art, which is to embody in its works certain new forms of beauty that could only emerge through the reconvergence of all techniques" [8] and technologies... Since its inception, at the Museum of the Essential and Beyond That, this reconvergence has been present in its watchwords: communication, information, multidisciplinarity, multiculturalism and mobility. Science and technology embracing art to protect it and give it the necessary conditions for life and growth.

The Museum of the Essential and Beyond That have participated:

> 2002 - 5th International Conference on Generative Art 11-13 December 2002, Politecnico di Milano University, Milan, Italy

>2003 - Andrews, Jim (Toronto); PINTO, Regina Célia (Rio de Janeiro); THORINGTON, Helen (New York); SIMANOWSKI, Roberto (Berlim); Paterson, Nancy (Toronto)
"Paris Connection" - uma nova forma de crítica de arte.
Cinco produtores de diferentes partes do globo conectaram-se através dos mais diferentes meios com um grupo de artistas franceses de alta voltagem criativa para conhecê-los melhor e apresentar as suas admiráveis formas de arte construídas com algoritmos.

> 2003 - Segundo Encontro de arte Experimental de Madrid Mad 03 Net (24 - outubro / 16 - novembro - rewarded

More works "on line":

2002 - PINTO, Regina Célia
Homage to Goya

2003 - Pinto, Regina Célia
Paris / Rio de Janeiro Gallery(work in progress)

2003 - PINTO, Regina Célia
Taste the Peace

2003 - PINTO, Regina Célia
Olympia Matrix

Colab projects:

2003 - Pinto, Regina Célia; Frazão, Marcelo e Villela, Paulo
Sete Demonios Tinham Saído

2003 - PINTO, Regina Célia & ANTONIO, Jorge Luiz.
Lake Sea Somewhat Boat Rain

2003 - PINTO Regina Célia e DANIELS, David

2003 - PINTO, Regina Célia e SONDHEIM, Alan e
Ice Landscape and Tropical Landscape

2002 - PINTO, Regina Célia e STRASSER, Reiner
Project Attic

2002 - PADÍN, Clemente; ANTONIO, Jorge Luiz e PINTO, Regina Célia
CD-ROM The New Padin's Spams Trashes , with Clemente Padin e Jorge Luiz Antonio. (Inglês, Espanhol e Português)

2002 - STRASSER, Reiner e outros
Project Hope, http://nonfinito.de/hope/,

2001 - The black and the White, reflections on fog.
Digital Media Festival DMF2002
Coordenated by Fatima Lasay, College of Fine Arts, University of the Philippines

2001 - The black and the White, reflections on fog.
"II Mostra Interpoesia, a poética das hipermídias", Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, SP, curated by Professor Wilton Azevedo