1994 - 1996

PC i286, 64 Mb RAM, motherboard 430 FX (Triton I), socket 5 extended and adapted every few months, until i've got enough. so i changed it for

1996 -1997

PC i386, 64 Mb RAM, don't remember particular details about that machine, i swaped it for

1997 - 1998

PC i486, 128 Mb RAM, Elsa graphic card, that one wasn't bad machine, but everyone had pentium, so i had to have one too

1998 - 1999

PC Pentium 133 Mhz, 256 Mb RAM, my first big hard drive (1,8 Gb!!!- now i have one 60 Gb big and it's almost full with DVDs, these comparations are really funny) and my first Hercules!!


sometimes the screen spinned sometimes it was my head sometimes it was ->