For Alan and Reiner

Edward Picot


those long perspectives
evening horizontals
revolving light driving with the hood back
revolving hoop of slivers
speed and spaciousness
speed through an open landscape
stretches of water calm horizons
long horizontals
calm horizons
emerging stars
evolving horizons
driving with the hood back evening blown out
burning fuel
American dreams
long perspectives revolving mirage
hoop of slivers a blown out paper bag
torn paper caught in a slipstream
check out that bag dad
floating and reflecting
floating like a dream
stinging like a consequence
evolving like a perspective
stinging like a Baghdad kiss
floating like a Baghdad dream
reflecting long horizontals
reflecting long consequences
long burning fuel trapped in a slipstream
long burning sequences
trapped in a dream trapped in an open landscape
emerging star spangles speed and spaciousness
floating in a hoop
evolving consequences
stretches across the water
longing perspectives
dream sequences stretching across the water
longing reflections burning fuel
revolving wheels revolving horizons
driving through open landscapes
driving through paper slivers
the hoop of consequence
burning the calm horizons burning out the earth
bag that check dad
driving through tickertape
Baghdad checkout
calm in the burning horizons
check out those flyblown dead
burn up the fuel blow out the earth
drive through evolving landscapes
speeding and trapped in a slipstream
blown out in the open trapped in the earth
burning in level horizons
dreaming long perspectives
driving with the hood up revolving turrets
dreaming and longing pulling the hood back
stinking like a Baghdad kiss
pulling and burning blown out
driving in a dream blown out
and speed and burning and emptiness
and long burning shadows and emerging stars
and earth blown out
and dreams blown out
and earth blown out to stars and spangles