David Inkey 

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My life is in awe, in confessional comment, reading, riting, rithmetic, play, poetics, joy, work, pain, peace, prayer, perception, sorrow, patience, curiosity, kindness, wit, imagination and wisdom, @ personal commitment… with help from henry, i have both lived and written my poem, sometimes in prose, and always in poesis, with guidance from the past, present and future, with don quixote, sancho panza and multitudes of other friends, i am challenged and have been forged to be a perfect poet…

kEY WORDS: David Inkey, Poetry, Visual Poetry, Philosophy, Anthropology, Nature, Life, Peace

Published by the Museum of The Essential and Beyond That, 2006 / pdf file, cover and page backgrounds by Regina Célia Pinto.

@ 2006 - David Inkey

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